Antique French Vermeil Champagne Stirrers

Intriguing Antique / Vintage French Silver Champagne Stirrers attributed to the House of Odiot

Called ‘Mosser’ or ‘Fouet a Champagne’ in French and ‘Swizzle Sticks’ in England, these little implements were all the rage during the early 1900s, up to the roaring Twenties.
Though the purist considers them an outrage to a fine beverage, the little stirrers were used to lighten the amount of bubbles in the glasses at a time when in seems champagne was flowing quite often.

Today they are mostly used for cocktails, but they remain an interesting collector’s item.

Our stirrers consist of Ivory (prior to the CITES Washington accord) star shaped fans which screw onto a 18 carat Gold coated Silver handle and were the work of the Odiot House.
They mesure 4.33 inches long.

They come in their original presentation box with the ODIOT Orfèvre mark, and are a perfect conversation piece!

The Hallmark is ‘Poinçon à La Hure’ or Boar’s Head Hallmark for Small Silver Objects-2nd title (800/1000) – 1838 -1919– Paris.

The Makers Mark is barely visible but we think it may be the Mark for Prévost Recipon & Co who took over the House of Odiot from 1894 to 1906.