Beautiful 18th Century French Silver Sugar Bowl By E Modeux

A beautiful 18th Century French Silver And Cristal Sugar Bowl by E Modeux.

This lovely sugar bowl, has an oval frame in silver decorated to mirror a colonnade with geometric silver designs.
The lid is set with a cluster of strawberries ‘au naturel’, and lined with silver pearls of the slightly rounded top. The body of the sugar bowl rests on four pillar shaped small feet.

This lovely sugar bowl rests on an oval presentation tray with a slightly curved molding decorated with ‘amati’ geometric lines and resting on four lions’ paws.

As usual the particularity of this piece apart from its lovely aspect is the fact that it pre dates the French Revolution by 3 years.
Hence the fact that it avoided destruction during that period is always a wonder…

The Marks are beautiful on it:
Photo # 7:
The Year Hallmark or Poincon Jurande is a Crowned P used by Fermier General (Tax collector in essence) Henri Clavel in Paris starting July 12th 1786 (Notice the tiny 86 right below the crown…)
We also show on the same photo 2 interlaced L which is the ‘Charge’ Mark for smalle silver objects used by Fermier General Henry Clavel starting 1782
We also have (not pictured) the ‘Discharge’ mark (Meaning the object was ready to be sold and taxes were paid) of an eagle’s head used during the same period of March 7th 1786 to February 1789 .
Due to the P marked with 86, we know the object was produced by Etienne Modeux at the end of 1786.

Photo # 8:
We have the EM Mark with a crowned fleur de Lys, and a Saint Esprit or Holy spirit symbol, registered by Etienne MODEUX on August 2nd 1777, in Paris and used until 1789.