Beautiful Antique French Silver And Crystal Fruit Bowl By Hector

A Beautiful Antique French, Gold Plated Silver (or Vermeil), and Crystal Salad Bowl by ‘Maître Orfèvre’ Alfred Hector.

The crystal is beautifully wheel cut with a dart and egg motif and in a star formation at the bottom.
The upper part of the Bowl is lined with a gorgeous and hefty gold plated silver (Vermeil in French) band, showcasing a beautiful laurel leaves double wreath motif.

Though we describe it as a Fruit bowl it can be used in a variety of ways: for fruits salads or other salads, as a fruit bowl or a punch bowl per example.
The piece is in an excellent condition, no chips no marks just perfect, and the work on the laurel band is gorgeous.

The Hallmark is Minerve 1 -1st title – Hence 1838 to 1919 – Paris

The Makers Mark is for ‘Maîtres Orfèvres’ Alfred Hector.
It shows his initials separated by a 5 branch star.
Alfred HECTOR registered his mark on April 7th 1881.
Up to now all the pieces we have had from him involved crystal and vermeil…always in beautiful combinations.
He was located at 25 Rue Palestro, in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris.