Beautiful Antique French Silver Hand Mirror By J Quercia

A Beautiful Antique French Silver Hand Mirror by Janvier QUERCIA.

This Charming mirror is the workmanship of one of Art Nouveau most talented Artists!
Quercia was most particularly known for the refinement of his work and while not many of his pieces remain, many of them grace the collection of Museums, including in the US of the Chicago Museum Of Art, as well as the British Museum in London.

In this gorgeous piece the work is mostly chiseled silver in the shape of laurel wreaths and acanthus leaves, with a palmetto ending the handle.
The Mirror is intact, and surrounded by a laurel leaf wreath, while the back is in hand tooled leather stamped in gold with a laurel wreath.
A lovely object practical and beautiful!

It comes in its beautiful gold embossed hand made original presentation box.

The Hallmark is Minerve 1 -1st title (950/1000) – Hence 1838 to 1919 – Paris

The Makers Mark is for Janvier QUERCIA and shows his initials separated by an Oak Leaf.
He registered his mark on June 27th 1899 and cancelled it in 1936.
Quercia presented his collection most famously at the Grand Palais in 1905.
He was followed by his son Marcel QUERCIA.
Their workshop was located 176 Rue Saint Martin in Paris.