Beautiful Antique Silver Fish Slice By Aimée Catherine Clérin

A Massive and Beautiful Antique French Silver Fish Slice by ‘Maître Orfevre’ Aimée Catherine Clérin.

This large Silver Fish Slice was made in Paris between 1809 and 1817.
We were awed by the superb craftsmanship on the blade! It is hand pierced so as to allow the juices from the fish to drain before serving.
The blade is carved with a beautiful Dolphin and with two rows of acanthus leaves pierced through.
The entire lower edge of the blade is decorated with lovely engravings depicting floral scrolls.

The handle is in Mahogany.

It is truly a beautiful piece!

The Hallmark is Poinçon au Deuxième Coq 1, for Paris 1st title Silver (950/1000) – 1809 – 1819

The Makers Mark is for a woman which in itself is delightful when you consider that we are in the very early 1800s!
Aimée Catherine Clérin, first registered her Mark on February 12th 1807.
That is the Mark we show on this lovely piece.
It features her 3 initials with a winged head topped by a crown.
She then registered again her Mark in 1817 changing her Mark to show a cup in place of the crown winged head.
She was the Widown Lecour, but was a Silversmith of her own right.
Her workshop was located 12 rue Bailleul in the hotel d’Aligre in Paris.