Charming Pair Of French Silver Double Salt Cellars By Odiot

A Charming Pair of French Silver Pair of double salt cellars by Odiot.

This lovely pair is decorated in the Louis XVI style with oval basins on four-lobed pedestals, that are lined with crossed ribbon reeds.
The center is joined by a mast grip, linking with the two cellars through 4 delicate seashell designs stopped with a lovely ribbon knot.
The pieces can also be used for a salt and pepper display.

Minerva 1 Hallmark for 1st title silver (950/1000). Paris 1838/1919.

The Makers Mark is for Jean Baptiste Gustave Odiot mostly known as Gustave Odiot and bears the O topping a litten oil lamp.
Gustave ODIOT born in 1823 was the last of the Odiot Dynasty to bear the name.
His reputation probably topped all of them apart from Jean Baptiste Claude ODIOT (his great grandfather and Master Silversmith to Napoleon the 1st).
Gustave ODIOT was heralded as being the ‘The’ Silversmith to Royalty starting 1856. His work was found in all the world Royal houses. He became the official Master silversmith to the Imperial House of Russia.
He also created one of the grandest services ever produced by the House of Odiot, an incredible 3000 gold pieces for Saïd Pacha from the Royal House of Egypt.
Gustave ODIOT’s workshops were located 72 Rue Basse des Remparts in Paris between 1865 and 1894