Charming Set Of 6 Silver Lamb Cutlet Holders By Ravinet Denfert

Charming Antique French Silver Set of 6 ‘Manches à Cotelettes’ or Lamb Cutlet Holder Implements by ‘Maitres Orfèvres’ Louis RAVINET & Charles DENFERT

They are delicately decorated in Louis XV Style with lovely floral designs Rocaille scrolls on the handles.
They are part of all these implements that were created to facilitate meals and particularly to avoid to the diner participants any occasion to dirty their hands while dining….
Hence the little clamps would be fitted in the kitchen onto to the bone of the cutlet and screwed tight, so the guest would simply have to pick up the little handle and tranquilly, as well as cleanly enjoy the little cutlet!

The pieces are in perfect shape and come in their original presentation box.

The Hallmark is ‘Minerve’ 1 -1st title – 1838 -1919– Paris

The Makers Mark is for ‘Maîtres Orfèvres’ RAVINET DENFERT and shows the 2 initials separated by a clover leave and the ‘&’ sign underneath.
Louis RAVINET and Charles DENFERT had their marks registered in 1891 in Paris.
The original company founded in 1845 by E. Tonnelier was acquired in 1882 by Louis Ravinet . In 1891, Charles d’Enfert entered into a partnership with Louis Ravinet and the company took the denomination of Ravinet d’Enfert.
Ravinet d’Enfert was located in Paris for more than a century at the Hotel de Caumartin, 83 rue du Temple in the « Marais ».
The company was specialized in production of silver forks and spoons and silverware in general. The company participated on a regular basis in exhibitions and received high rewards: gold medals at the Lyon Universal Exhibition in 1894 and Brussels in 1897.