Charming Terracotta Group Of Flora And Zephyr As Cherubs~Sold~

Charming Terracotta Statue of Flora and Zephyr As Cherubs.

In Roman Mythology Flora is a Goddess of Flowers and Guardian of the Spring.
While a rather minor Goddess, her association with Spring and the Coming of the Season gave her a more prominent position at the change of the Season. As such she was married to Favonius the Wind God also known as Zephyr.
Zephyr was the God of the West Wind and as such also the God of Spring
Flora was also the Goddess of youth.
In this lovely composition the pair wear their distinctive wings, for Flora delicate butterfly wings, and regular bird wings for Zephyr.
The work is charming with a very tender approach to the patina.

The Terracotta stands on a gilded wood base.
The work is by Fernand Cian (1877-1958) but dated 1776 on the lower part.
It was purchased in Paris in September 2019.