Dazzling Antique French Vermeil Confiturier By Baschelet ~Sold~

An absolutely Dazzling Antique French Gilt Silver and Crystal “Confiturier” by ‘Maitre Orfèvre’ Quentin Baschelet.

Also called a ‘Drageoir’ the only official name is a ‘Confiturier’ (Hence a Jam Vase). As already noted in other descriptions it appears however that, originally, these pieces were mostly used as ceremonial sugar bowls.
It is nowadays extremely rare to find “Confituriers” still showcasing the original spoons.
But the most extraordinary part of this Confiturier is the number of spoons it is created to hold: 18….
All the Confiturier we have come across as of today have been of 12 spoons maximum which was the regular service number.
This beauty was created to hold and is still showcasing 18 spoons.

The entire piece is 18 carat gilded, and the gilding is still intact….

The work is absolutely gorgeous, with the Gilded Silver parts gorgeous in décor. The main body of the Confiturier is in cut cristal which in itself is already beautiful.
The upper register features a gorgeous crown of palmettos lining the edge.
The work on the palmettos is lovely!
The handles feature acanthus leaves and rosettes.
The domed lid is also striking, with Vermeil pearls lining the edge while the finial is the shape of an imaginary fruit, rests on a crown of beautifully chiseled palmettos leaves and flowers.
The Piedouche or Pedestal is stunning with chiseled acanthus leaves lining its square perimeters, atop four lions paws feet.

The Particularity of these pieces, is that the Maitre Orfèvre who did the main object, did not create the spoons…The spoons were always ordered from a Maitre Cuilleriste who specialized in spoons..
In our case the Spoons are by Maitre Orfèvre ‘Cuilleriste’ (spoon maker) Charles Salomon Mahler. They show lovely floral scrolls and rosettes to match the main design, but also typical of the Confiturier, the spoons are only decorated on one side.

Both the confiturier and the spoons show the same Monogram MC in a shield.
When we purchased the Confiturier and took it out of its box, a paper fell off. This lovely piece was once the property of Countess Mathilde de Choisy, born September 17th 1815 and who passed away on December 1st 1878.

The Hallmark is ‘Poinçon Au Vieillard’ -1st title -1819-1838- Paris

The Makers Mark is for Maitre Orfèvre Quentin BASCHELET.
Baschelet first registered his mark in 1815, and had his workshop 13 Cour de Harlay in Paris.