Delicate Antique French ‘Vermeil’ Sugar Sifter Spoon By L Lenain

A Delicate yet heavy Gilded or ‘Vermeil’ Antique French Silver Sugar Sifter by ‘Maitre Orfèvre’ Louis Victor Eloy LENAIN.

The bowl of the spoon shows a beautiful ‘repercé’ motif with a gorgeous weaved rose window cut out.
The handle is in the simply elegant ‘Uniplat’ style.

The work is extremely refined and the piece is in gorgeous condition. ‘The Vermeil’ is intact.
This gorgeous sifter is particularly heavy and rests beautifully in the hand.
lovely to use to sprinkle sugar over freshly cut fruits or over desserts.

The width given above is that of the spoon bowl.

The Main Hallmark is ‘Poinçon Au Vieillard’ Or Michael Angelo Hallmark, 1st title (950/1000)- Hence 1819-1838 – Paris.
Then we have the Guarantee which is very clear.

The Makers Mark is for Louis Victor Eloy LENAIN a Master Spoon Maker.
Spoon making was still a ‘niche’ of its own in the early part of the 19th century and its own Master silversmiths.
The Mark shows two ‘L’ separated by a cross with a star below and above.
His mark was registered in 1836 and cancelled in 1843.
Hence we can pinpoint our lovely spoon to precisely the two years between 1836 and 1838.
His offices were located 7 passage de la Reunion in Paris.