Elegant Antique French Silver And Crystal Jardinière By Hénin

An Elegant Antique French Silver And Crystal Jardinière By Hénin & Cie

Simply done with an Antique French Silver Oval main body showcasing ‘arcatures’ or arches topped by a simple silver pearl line, this late 19th century piece looks modern in its simplicity!
The four feet are shaped as spinning wheels dotted with silver pearls.

The clear crystal insert is in prefect condition no chips or scratches.
The ‘Jardinière’ or Flower centre table, if you would, was used in a variety of ways in order to embellish the table, by either setting flowers or fruits or other items that could enhance the set up.
But you can also use it in many other ways: to present sweets, cookies or simply to decorate with a free-standing candle in the middle of the table.
The piece is lovely and enhances even the most modern of interior.
The silver gallery is in perfect condition without any losses or dents to it! A perfect way to ‘sign’ your dinner table!

The Hallmark is ‘Minerve’ 1st Title (950/1000) – 1838 -1919– Paris

The Makers Mark is for HENIN & Compagnie. It shows an H the sign & and a C topped by a branch and a star underneath the letters.
The Mark was registered on May 11th 1875. Their workshop was located at 33 Rue Des Archives in the Marais area of Paris.
Hénin & Compagnie were the successors of Thomas & Henin which first started in 1865.
They were followed by Hénin Freres which registered their mark by August 1865 and cancelled it in August 1872.
In turn they were followed by Hénin & Fils who gave way to Hénin & Compagnie in 1875.
Henin & Compagnie were in turn followed by Hénin & Vivier in 1891.
In 1933 the dynasty became the House of Hénin.