Elegant Antique French Silver Fish Service Set By Boin Taburet

A truly Elegant Antique French Silver 24 pieces ‘Service a Poisson’ or Fish Service Set by Boin Taburet.

This complete set is in its original box, which is in beautiful shape.
It includes 12 fork and 12 knives as well as a service knife & fork.
The pieces are etched in Louis XVI style with a light acanthus leaf ribbon running around the edges. An acanthus leaf decorates the base of the tine which also show a gothic window cut out.

The blades and the end of the fork are actually solid silver.
The service pieces mirror the same décor albeit larger of course…

The Forks are 8.26 inches long.
The Knives are 8.46 inches long.
The Service fork measures 10.43 inches long, while the Service knife is 10.82 inches long.

The pieces are all in excellent condition.
A gorgeous way to enjoy your fish meals!

The Hallmark is Minerva 1-1st title – 1838 -1911 – Paris

The Makers Mark shows both the Mark of BOIN TABURET, and the maker of H Frères & Cie (Henry Frères).
The mark is for ‘Maîtres Orfèvres’ Georges BOIN and Emile TABURET. After individual successful careers they joined forces and registered their joint mark 1873. They went on to win a gold medal for their beautiful pieces in 1889 during the Paris World Fair.
They worked at 3 Rue Pasquier near the Madeleine Area of Paris.
In 1900, Georges Boin went into partnership with the silversmith Henry, under the company name Boin et Henry orfèvres, hence the double marking on our pieces.. The firm was known as Henry Frères et Cie, 3 rue Pasquier, Paris.