Elegant Antique French Silver Wine Coasters By QUEILLE~Sold~

Elegant Antique French Silver Wine Coasters By P QUEILLE
Worked in the Louis XV style these 6 impressive wine coasters are in solid silver and show a simple double silver line decorating the scalloped edges.
The bottom is slightly raised in order to hold the bottle of wine.
The Louis XV style, also known at the Rocaille Style regained a big following during the second empire.
The sheer weight on each piece is quite rare.
A gorgeous set in perfect shape!

The Hallmark is Minerva 1 -1st title – 950/1000 – for Paris 1838/1919

The Makers Mark is for Pierre François QUEILLE. His mark was registered on October 23rd 1834. The Makers Mark showed a P and a Q separated by an Antique Oar.
He started a dynasty of Master Silversmith in 1834 and stayed in business from 1834, to the 27th of November 1846 (Date his mark was cancelled) ,
Pierre François QUEILLE had his worshop at ’70 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre in Paris’.

He left over his practice to his son Eugene QUEILLE who moved shop to ‘8 Rue Saint Roch Poissonière’. He started work on February 11th 1847.
He then in turn left over his practice to his son: Pierre François QUEILLE who was named after his grandfather.
They moved their practice in 1874 to ’11 Rue des Petits Carreaux in Paris’.
Their production was sold by other Master Silvermiths as well, and they collaborated with several bigger names as the House of ODIOT and the House of FROMENT MEURICE!
Their House stopped production in 1930.