Elegant Antique French Silver Wine Coasters By Tétard

Elegant Set of 4 Antique French Silver Wine Coasters By ‘Maître Orfèvre’ Tétard Frères.
Worked in the Louis XV style these 4 wine coasters are in solid silver and show a simple double silver line decorating the scalloped edges with a floral décor ending each curve.
The Louis XV style, also known at the Rocaille Style regained a big following during the second empire.
The sheer weight on each piece is quite rare.

A very elegant set in good shape, perfect for a classic or modern table….

The Hallmark is Minerva 1 -1st title – 950/1000 – for Paris 1838/1919

The Makers Mark is for Tétard Frères.
It is shown as a Mark with the T Frères topped by a kettle.
The Mark was registered in 1903, taking over from Edmond TETARD.
The workshop was located 4 rue Béranger in Paris