Elegant Set Of Antique French Silver Liquor Tumblers~Sold~

Elegant Set Of 12 Antique French Silver Liquor Tumblers

These 12 Shot glasses or Liquor glasses are Tulip shaped with a very delicate and elegant design.
The only d├ęcor on the pedestal is a silver pearl line, while the upper rim is shows five silver lines.
The interior is simply 18 carat gold covered.

The design is elegant and quite modern.
They can be used for white liquor or vodka.
They are in perfect shape, with no dents or marks, a lovely addition to a bar.

The Hallmark is Minerva -1st title (950/1000) -1838-1919 for Paris
Unfortunately, the Makers Mark was too erased for us to read.
We peg them