Elegant Set Of Six French Silver Butter Plates By E Puiforcat

Elegant Set Of 6 Individual Butter Plates by ‘Maître Orfèvre’ Emile Puiforcat.

These six small plates are beautiful and extremely elegant in heavy silver with a simple double gadroon lining the edge, in beautiful Louis XV design.
While you sometimes find crystal butter dishes it is extremely rare to find them in silver and these are particularly heavy and beautiful.

These charming little plates can hold butter or a small roll.
They are in excellent shape, heavy silver and lovely to complete a dinner table!
They all bear a lovely monogram of a double LL intertwined with a double S.

The Hallmark is Minerve 1 -1st title (950/1000) – 1838 to 1919 – Paris

The Makers Mark is for Emile Puiforcat, and was registered in 1857; it features an E and a P separated by a standing feather.
The mark is still so famous it does deserve a bit more explanations:
Emile PUIFORCAT inherited the business from his uncle Jean Baptiste FUCHS who specialized in flatware in the early 1800s. Emile Puiforcat moved from the offices of his uncle right next door at number 18, then 16 of Rue Chapon. While he died in 1883, his mark was kept by his successor as well as his grandson Jean, who passed away in 1945.
Until the 1880 the House of Puiforcat remained in the flatware business, but expended into the larger pieces to include presentations plates and platters.
Though very praised for its craftsmanship PUIFORCAT never participated in the Fairs that did so much for the Silver business in the 1800. The house continued on through the years and was finally bought by Hermes in 1993.