Exquisite Antique Ormolu And Marble Napoleon III Travel Clock

Exquisite Antique Ormolu And Marble Napoleon III Travel Clock

This is typically one of those moments where you fall in love with a piece and its incredible beauty brings a smile to your face !

We found this exquisite ‘travel clock’ in Lyon and fell in love with its utter beauty and grace!

Let us start with the amazing presentation box :
‘Frappe aux petits fers’ or stamped with gold, it is done in camel colored calf hide and with a velours interior.
The box opens by 2 swinging doors to reveal the interior and the clock.
The lower part of the box has a hidden compartment holding the clock’s key.
The box is stamped on its base with the name of the retailer: Henri DUMONT, 4 rue de la Chaussee d’Antin in Paris.
The shop was one of the most thought after place during Napoleon the Third’s period.
The box is in great condition with only a slight discoloration of the leather in one spot.The velours is a little ‘passe’ which shows the item was used quite often.

The Clock itself is just wondrous !
Its Carrara Marble base is shaped to resemble a greek column, and decorated with a Louis XVI style Ormolu (or gilt bronze) garland of of roses, held by flowing ribbons. The lower end of the column is circled by a laurel wreath, while the pedestal is rectangular and decorated with ormolu rosettes on each side.
The clock is in perfect shape ! With the roman numbers intact and the 2 delicate hands beautifully worked. It is in working order and rewinds by hand, perfectly on time !
The column is topped by a Putto or Winged Cherub, resting on an ormulu globe representing the heavens and its stars.
The Cherub holds us a flaming torch.

The whole effect is absoltely gorgeous….delicate and beautiful…perfection really….
Defintely a Coup de Coeur !