Gorgeous 18th Century Silver Oil And Vinegar Cruet By Outrebon

Gorgeous 18th Century Silver Oil And Vinegar Cruet Holder By ‘Maître Orfèvre’ Jean Louis OUTREBON.

This beautiful piece comes complete with the hand blown Crystal cruets.
This lovely cruet holder is worked in the Louis XVI Style, with the two cruet holders worked with silver seashells and vine garlands.
The two receptacles can be unscrewed to enable better cleaning of the piece.

The oval base is decorated with acanthus leaves scrolls and grape clusters, and has two round holders to accommodate the toppers of the crystal cruets in order not to have to put these on the tables while serving yourself!
The stand reste on four silver feet done with acanthus scrolls.

The Crystal cruets are perfectly adapted to the piece with an Intaglio grape décor, and wheel cut necks.
The toppers are done in silver with the same grape clusters that decorate the stand.
As usual the work is very refined, and beautifully executed.
It is indeed rare to find an 18th century piece in this condition!
A beautiful find….

The height given is that of the cruet stands with the Crystal cruets.

The Marks are 18th Century Marks.

Photo # 7:
The Year Hallmark is a Crowned A used by Fermiers Generaux (Tax collectors in essence..) Jean Baptiste FOUACHE & Dominique COMPANT in Paris from November 18th 1774 until July 12th 1780.
However we also have a crowned P on the left hand side. This mark was used by Fermier General Jean Baptiste FOUACHE when he arrived from Amiens…
We also have (not pictured) the discharge mark of a monkey’s head used during the same period of 1774.

Photo # 8:
We have the JLO Mark with a crowned fleur de Lys registered by Jean Louis OUTREBON on July 15th 1772, in Paris and used until 1789.
We can peg this piece as being from 1774.