Impressive French Silver Jardinière By Edmond TETARD

A beautiful and impressive French Silver ‘Jardinière’ by Edmond TETARD!

The ‘Jardinière’, or flower center table if you would rather, was used in a variety of ways in order to embellish the table, by either setting flowers or fruits or other items that could enhance the set up.

I use mine during dinners with Peonies or spray roses or as pictured here with Hydrangeas and eucalyptus foliage, and the effect is incredible!
But you can use it in many other ways: to present fruits of course or sweets, or simply to decorate with a free-standing candle in the middle of the table.

This particular piece shows a lovely cut out work with geometric forms and laurel leaves, in the louis XVI style.
It rests on 4 altar shaped feet.
The insert is in gilded metal.
Filled with flowers it is absolutely incredible…
I will let you be the judge with the photos enclosed!

A side note on its provenance. We acquired this lovely piece close to Lyon, and the person selling informed us that the Jardinière had belonged to the French writer Eugene SUE and had been in his family since then. However Edmond TETARD, the maker of this gorgeous piece only registered his mark in 1880 and Eugene SUE passed away in 1857, so they could not have met….The story is always interesting though…

The piece is numbered as well as marked throughout.

The Hallmark is ‘Minerve’ 1 -1st title (950/1000) – 1838 -1919– Paris

The Makers Mark is for ‘Maître Orfèvre’ Edmond TETARD.
The Mark shows an E and a D followed a dot and the letter T.
It was topped by a kettle.
Edmond TETARD took over from Emile HUGO in 1880.
TETARD’s mark was registered on August 9th 1880, and he kept the symbol of the kettle (Named a Huguenot in French) from his predecessor.
Edmond TETARD received a gold Medal during the Paris World Trade Fair in 1889
His own mark was cancelled in 1903 and his workshop taken over by his descendants under the name TETARD Frères.
His workshop was located 4 rue Beranger in Paris.