Lively Oil Painting Of Boats In St Tropez By Van Den Bussche

A lively Oil on Panel Painting Of Tartanes boats in St Tropez by Fernand Van Den Bussche

Fernand van den Bussche was born in 1892 and passed away in 1975. Originally from Belgium he traveled to the South of France and fell in love with the Mediterranean coast and more precisely with St Tropez and its particular fishing boats: the Tartanes.

He quickly became one of the Provencaux Marine painter specializing in coastal landscape, which he rendered in dazzling colors.

He was very much influenced by the Impressionists, as his use of the light and dabs of paint which are full of life and vibrant, demonstrate. His paint strokes seem to literally follow and enhance the mistral (wind) gusts rippling the sea with light waves.
A truly lovely composition, Circa 1940

The work is signed in the lower right hand side, Van Den Bussche.
The painter is often mistaken for Jacques Van Den Bussche, but they are not related…

The frame is in gilt wood.

The Panel measures: 11 1/2 inches high x 18 1/2 inches wide
The Frame measures: 17 inches high x 24 inches wide