Lovely Antique French Silver And Crystal Ewer By Tétard

Lovely Antique French Silver And Crystal Ewer By Tétard

A Gorgeous Antique French Silver and Cut Crystal Ewer by Maîtres Orfèvres TETARD Frères.

In French we call them ‘Aiguière’ and this one is particularly lovely.
It is distinguished by its fine workmanship, elegant form, harmonious proportions and its beautiful decoration.
The ornate base showcases Seashells as well as floral scrolls, while the lower part of the crystal vessel is completely covered by a beautiful Silver acanthus leaves scrolls décor.

The crystal itself is beautifully worked in Intaglio style with floral scrolls and geometric forms.

The collar is beautifully circled by a silver floral décor with acanthus leaves chutes and silver ribbons holding up floral garlands. A delicately carved seashell decorates the front of the collar.
The handle is beautifully worked with acanthus leaf scrolls and the lid is topped by an acanthus leaf knob highlighted by a small bouquet.

A beautiful piece, typical of the Claret ‘Aiguières’ that became so popular in the mid to late 1800s

The Hallmark is Minerva 1-1st title (950/1000) – 1838 -1919– Paris

The Makers Mark is for Tétard Frères.
It shows a T followed by a Fres, and topped by a kettle. Tétard Frères followed Edmond TETARD.
They registered their mark in 1903, and had their workshop at 3 rue Beranger in Paris.

H: 12.40" x D: 6.69"
Total weight: 39.50 oz
Price: $2600.00
Inventory Number: SH-263

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