Lovely Pair of Empire Style Silver Display Dishes By Limousin & Souche

A very Lovely and Elegant Pair of Antique French Silver And Blue Glass Display Dishes by Maîtres Orfèvres Limousin & Souche.

Both pieces includes slightly dipped silver dishes that are lined on the edge by an egg and dart design.
The same design decorates the base of the glass holders and again the rim of the lid.
The Lids are engraved with a coat of arms, bearing a Counts Crown (The family is from the La Rochelle area) and are topped by an acorn.
The blue glass interiors are held by four figural tableaux representing two peacocks on top of pillars.
The Peacocks, symbolize Immortality and Royal privilege and are exquisitely chiseled.
These two presentation bowls were used by the family as caviar bowls (adding another crystal insert) but they can be used for a variety of items, going from appetizers to jam holders to twin flower display bowls.

They are gorgeous and as usual Empire Style is perfectly adaptable to our more modern world.
Both pieces are intact with no losses or damages to the silver or the glass.

The Hallmark is Minerva 1st Title for 1st title Silver (950/1000) – Paris 1838/1919.

The Makers Mark is for Maîtres Orfèvres Limousin & Souche and shows their two initials separated by an X.
Their mark was registered in 1905 and cancelled 20 years later. They particularly favored Empire style and their pieces were always quite elegant.
Their workshop was located 76 Rue des Archives in the Marais area of Paris.