Lovely Set Of 4 Antique French Silver Salt Cellars By D Garreau

A Lovely and refined set of 4 Antique French Silver Salt Cellars by Denis GARREAU

They are delicately decorated with what is known as the ‘Autel des Serments’ design: an allegory on Marital Faith and Love.
The two main Figural ‘Tableaux’ represent a couple draped in antique clothing kneeling on each side of an altar.
Their right hands are joined while the left hand (the hand of the heart) of the young man is raised above the flame topping the Altar as if taking it as testimony of his eternal love.
His wife’s left hand rests on her heart.
The two figures wear traditional Roman cloth beautifully draped around them.
The other two registers show large palmettos, while the upper rim is carved with laurel leaves.

The work is very detailed and gorgeous, typical of the excellence Garreau reached.
The interiors are in silver plate and intact.

The Hallmark is ‘Tête De Veillard’ (or Michael Ange) -1st title – Hence 1819 -1838 – Paris

The Makers Mark is that of Denis GARREAU. It shows a D and a G topped by a ‘Navette’ (or boat)
Garreau specialized in larger decorational pieces (called in French Pièces De Forme), particularly “Drageoir’s” and Oil and Vinegar Cruet stands as well as Condiment Sets. His mark was created in 1817. His workshop was located at 62 Rue du Temple in what is today the Marais area of Paris.