Lovely Suite Of Antique French Silver Escargots Forks By Lapparra

An Lovely suite of 12 Antique French Silver Oyster Forks, by ‘Maître Orfèvre’ Antoine LAPPARRA.
The forks are decorated with a gorgeous silver Rocaille Style or Louis XV Style with combed waves design.
The forks are solid silver and the work is perfect!
The fork is linked to the handle by a combed wave design.
They are perfect to hold and handle with a really great shape.

Each fork has both the Minerva 1 silver title as well as the Makers Mark.
They are in perfect condition.

The Hallmark is Minerva 2-2nd title (800/1000) – 1838 -1919 – Paris

The Makers Mark is for Antoine LAPPARRA, who registered his mark in 1895.
The mark shows his 2 initials surrounding a rodent.
His workshop was located 3 rue de la Perle in Paris.