Stunning French Silver Oil and Vinegar Cruet Stand by Boulanger

Stunning Antique French Silver and Crystal Oil and Vinegar Cruet Stand by ‘Maître Orfèvre’ Jean Nicolas Boulanger.
A beautiful example of the Empire Style, pure and elegant.

The piece is incredibly modern, with an exquisite craftsmanship concentrating on the details and highlighting the very pure design. The central hold is in the shape of a hexagon column, ending in a very simple and elegant circle of silver.
The square base on which the cruets stand, this time 8 sided, with the plateau simply lined and resting on 4 acorn shaped silver feet.
The Cruet holders have silver wire frame bodies, resting on solid silver pedestals
The central holder is flanked on each side by tiny stands resting on amphora shaped feet, which are used to set the stoppers, so you do not have to rest them on the table when using the cruets.
The cruets are made of crystal, hand blown and wheel cut and are intact.

The Hallmark is 1er Coq -1st title – with the Different de l’An V, which sets the making of this lovely piece to 1796.

Jean Nicolas BOULANGER’s Makers Mark shows a JNB topped by a ‘pestle’ . His first mark was created in 1783, then registered again 1798 after the end of the French Revolution.
He ended his career in 1819
His offices were located 9 Cour Neuve du Palais in Paris.