We personnally love to set a table to receive our guests or simply to take our family meals. We would love to share this passion and all the little tricks we learned from our parents or grand parents over the years!

Should you come to the South of France, it would be our pleasure to propose to you a course in how to really dazzle your friends and family by setting a gorgeous table! Learn which elements are absolutely a ‘must’ and how to mix styles and trends.

Over the course of an afternoon or two depending on your schedule we will be able to share all our litte secrets in Table Dressing and decor, for ‘That’ special night or for a reception or simply for family meals.

We have partnered up locally with a wonderful Flower Designer, Laure PRIMARD,  who will able to fill you in on the beauty of flower arrangements and its intrecacy. A perfect occasion to use the beautiful ‘Jardiniere De Table’ we have on our site! She is absolutely incredible and has worked both with 5 star hotels as well as during Fashion Shows or flower set up during Incentive Events!

A most complete experience and a joyful one as well!

We can also include in these courses cooking lessons to compliment the day. In essence we will taylor the day to your hearts desire….
This experience can be taylored to your schedule, lasting anywhere from 2 hour to a full day depending on what we do include.