Delicate 18th Century Sugar Sifter Spoon by Claude Antoine Maillet

A Lovely and Delicate Antique French Silver Sugar Sifter Spoon by Maître Orfèvre Claude Antoine Maillet..

The bowl of the spoon is in beautiful ‘repercé’ motif showing a Rose Window cut out, in the Model # 2 used in Paris.
The center decorated with a tulips swirl while the rest of the bowl is decorated with acanthus, cornflower and tulip motifs. The details kept by the Silversmith are incredibly small and wonderfully preserved.
The end of the handle shows a simple double line.
The work is extremely refined and the piece is in very good condition.
It is just a perfect design. Typical of the early to mid-18th century.
The width given above is that of the spoon’s bowl.

The Hallmarks are under the Fermiers Généraux régime:
Photo # 6: On the upper part you have the Crowned P Poinçon de Jurande or Lettre Date 1789 Mark used under Fermier Général Jean François Kalendrin.
We also have on the same photo the A in a circle used under the same Kalendrin as a Charge Mark starting February 23rd 1789.

Photo # 7: You have the Leaf design used as a Discharge Mark starting February 23rd 1789 under Kalendrin.
Our spoons dates back to 1789.

Photo # 8: Shows the Makers Mark for Claude Antoine MAILLET who registered his mark in Paris on August 8th 1781
His Mark shows an A and an M topped by a crown, with an eagle in between and a Fleur de Lys below.
He was sponsored by Maître Orfèvre Alexis Roger.
His workshop is indicated as being at the Faubourg St Denis until 1788. He then transfers until the French Revolution rue de la Savonnerie.

France 18th Century c.H: 8.56"W: 2.59"Reference number: SF-211