Elegant Set Of 8 Antique Silver Butter Dishes by Robert Linzeler

Elegant Set Of 8 Individual Butter Plates by ‘Maître Orfèvre’ Robert Linzeler.

These eight small plates are beautiful and extremely elegant in heavy silver with acanthus leaves lining the edge, in beautiful Louis XV design.
While you sometimes find crystal butter dishes it is extremely rare to find them in silver and these are particularly heavy and beautiful.
These charming little plates can hold butter or a small roll.
They are in excellent shape, heavy silver and lovely to complete a dinner table!

The Hallmark is Minerve 1 -1st title (950/1000) – 1838 to 1919 – Paris

The Makers Mark is for Robert LINZELER and shows an R and an L topped by a royal crown.
LINZELER registered his mark on April 14th 1897. His offices where located first at 68 rue de Turbigo, then 4 Rue de la Paix and finally 9 Rue D’Argenson in Paris.
Prior to him ‘LINZELER Frères’ had a store 15 Rue de la Madeleine in Paris from 1870 to 1880.
Robert LINZELER received several gold medals for his cutlery collection and his ‘Pieces de Forme’ during the 1900 World Fair in Paris.

France 19th Century c.W: 3.35"Reference number: SST-367