Elegant Set Of French Silver Bowls By Ernest Prost

Elegant Set of Small Vintage French Silver Bowls by Maître Orfèvre Ernest Prost.

Done in solid silver and in the Art Deco style, these bowls were originally considered as finger bowls.
They are rather small and can be used for other option, as per example butter dishes, Amuse bouche presenters or even to set a flower by each guest plate.

The style in its simplicity will adapt to any table setting.
They are very stable and can be used in a variety of ways.

The Hallmark is ‘Minerve’ 1 (950/1000) -1st title -1919-1932 – Paris

The Makers Mark shows the mark used by Ernest PROST with both his initials divided by a gaiter topped by a star.
His Mark was registered in 1923.
His workshop was located 7 rue Reaumur in the Marais part of Paris.

France 20th century c.H: 1.18"W: 3.22"D: 0.55"Reference number: SST-371