Exceptional Set of Antique French Silver Candelabras By Garreau

An absolutely Exceptional Set of 4 Antique French Silver Candelabras by Denis Garreau

This gorgeous set is comprised of a Majestic Pair of candelabra with three removable light arms and 2 matching candlesticks.

Each of the 3 lights candelabra rest on a circular base edged with pearls and decorated with chiseled swans and floral scrolls.
The barrel of the candelabras is square and finished by four busts of woman clothed in Antique Greek garb.
The central point of the girandoles is an urn topped with a flame.
The supports of the bobbins of the light arms represent beautifully worked griffin heads.
This fabulous animal is usually represented with a lion’s body, as well as the head and wings of an eagle. Among the ancient Greeks, griffins were supposed to be the guardians of the treasures of the earth. The Ancient Egyptians assimilated the Griffin to Pharaoh the Warrior.
The very strong symbolism of the griffin, which combines the qualities of the lion (king of the animals) and the eagle (king of the air), meant that very quickly this fabulous animal was associated with the figure of Christ: God and man, king of heaven and earth. The eagle symbolized the divine part of Christ and the lion his human part. Throughout the Middle Ages, the griffin was the symbol of the resurrection of Christ.
The bobèches are decorated with a wreath of daisies.
The light arms are removable leaving the possibility of just using the base as a single candlestick.

The second part of the set is 2 Candlesticks that show the same décor of chiseled swans and floral scrolls.
The bobèches are once again decorated with daisies.
The stunning 4 pieces set is by Denis Garreau one of our favorite Silversmith.
These Restauration Period pieces are gorgeous! An amazing way to decorate a table or a fireplace mantel.
Each piece is marked throughout with the Michael Angelo Hallmark, and D Garreau Mark, but also the Association of the Silversmiths or Jeanette Parisienne for the years 1793-1794, and the discharge Mark for large works.
The pieces show light signs of age, but are stunning in their details.

The 3 light candelabras measure 18.30 inches high. The diameter of the base is 5.47 inches
The Candlesticks measure 10 inches high. The diameter of their base is 5 inches.

Michael Angelo Hallmark or ‘Poinçon au Vieillard’ for Paris 1st title Silver (950/1000) 1819-1838
Jeanette Parisienne, Association of the Silversmiths Hallmark, for Paris 1793-1794

The Makers Mark is A D and A G topped by a ‘navette’ or boat.
It stands for D Garreau who registered his mark in 1817, and had taken over the workshop from Ambroise Mignerot.
His workshop was located 62 rue du Temple in Paris in the Marais Area.

Reference number: CC-206