Exceptional Silver Oil & Vinegar Cruet Stand By JP Bibron~Sold~

Elegant and exceptional Antique French Silver and Crystal Oil and Vinegar Cruet Stand by the incredible ‘Maître Orfèvre’ Jean Pierre BIBRON.

As usual the work is very refined, beautifully rendered by the Empire Style ‘Sphinges’ and Palmettes, circling the base of the silver fitting which hold the cruets.
The details of the Caryatids or ‘Sphinges’ is incredible, showing delicately curled hair and an elaborate dress plunging in a daring ‘décolleté’. The feathers of the wings are another beautiful detail each one carefully outlined and carved. The pedestal of the Caryatids end in foliage, while their wings rest on a wreath of ‘Palmettes’. The tall centre handle, which links the two cruets fittings, ends in a rounded handle, decorated with grapes and vines. Between the cruets are two little beautifully decorated rounded stands on which you can set the stoppers of the hand blown crystal cruets. The crystal is elegantly wheel cut on the sides and has rounded ‘facettes’ on the upper part of the cruets. The subtle differences between both cruets outlines the fact that these pieces where hand blown and cut. One of the Stoppers might have been replaced but the replacement seems to have taken place quite a long time ago. The cruets stand on a square base lined at the bottom by a delicate ‘Palmettes’ fringe, resting on 4 lions’ paws.

The piece is absolutely gorgeous and in a great state! Only one very little mark appears close to one of the feets. The crystal cruets show no damages or scratches.This would work wonderfully with our Condiment and Salt Set also by  ‘Maître Orfèvre’ Jean Pierre BIBRON. Please inquire with us about a possible reunion of items.

The height given above is taken at the top of the handle-The width and length is that of the stand itself.

The Hallmark is 2ieme Coq -1st title – 1809 -1819 -Paris

Jean Pierre BIBRON’s Makers Mark shows ‘A Rampant Lion with a Star over the Lion’ He was received Master in Paris in 1798. He resided on the gorgeous ‘Ile de La Cité’ in Paris, 3 Rue de Harlay.

H: 12.59"W: 8.66 / 4.33"Reference number: CC-110