Extremely Rare Set Of 12 Silver Shellfish Forks By Boulenger

Extremely Rare Set Of 12 French Silver Shellfish Forks by Adolphe Boulenger.

Very pure and very elegant these timeless forks are as rare as they come!
In fact, we have only seen them a few times and in plated silver, but this is only the second time we have seen them in silver!

The design is very elegant, simple and very practical.
The handle is decorated with an acanthus motif, while the fork extends into a very delicately modelled yet heavily made of silver (quite strong) to a two-pronged fork end.
The middle of the fork is decorated by a delicate conch shell.
The instrument is used to fetch out the meat from lobsters or crabs, in an elegant, yet very practical way!
The forks are perfectly balanced making them a pleasure to handle.
They are part of all these implements that were created to facilitate meals and particularly to avoid to the diner participants any occasion to dirty their hands while dining….
The pieces are in perfect shape! A beautiful and very rare find.
They are also beautifully marked.

The Hallmark is the Minerva Hallmark, 1st title (950/1000) for Paris 1838/1919

The Makers Mark is for Adolphe Boulenger.
His mark was registered on the 23rd of Juin 1876 and canceled on April 9th, 1899.
The original company was created in 1810 in Paris by Boulenger-Hautin, and specialized in tableware and silverware.
His workshop was locatec4 rue du Bois Vert in Paris.

France 19th Century c.H: 7.95"Reference number: SST-354