Louis XVI Silver & Crystal ‘Jardiniere’ By N Neusecourt ~Sold~

A Lovely Louis XVI French Antique Silver and Crystal Jardinière by Noël NEUSECOURT.

The ‘Jardinière’ or center table if you would rather was used in a variety of ways in order to embellish the table, by either setting flowers or fruits or other items that could enhance the set up. I use mine during dinners with Peonies or Cala Lilies and the effect is incredible! But you can use it in many other ways: to present fruits of course or sweets, to present caviar, or simply to decorate with a free standing candle in the middle of the table – The candles will bring out the cobalt blue of the crystal to an amazing effect!

This piece shows an elegant cut out design intercepted by flower and leaves motifs on the gallery which holds the cobalt blue crystal insert.

The upper register of the gallery show a dainty silver cord line. The middle of the piece has a flower topped medallion and only waits to have your initials engraved! The handles are in the form of Amphora handles, so called ‘A La Grecque’ separating in two pieces. The body rests on eagle claws holding spheres.

The cobalt blue crystal insert is in prefect condition with no chips or scratches and is orginial to the piece. The silver gallery is in perfect condition.

What makes this piece extra special is its age.  It was created by Noel NEUSECOURT in 1788, and hence it predates the 1er Coq Hallmark and actually belongs to the ‘Fermiers Generaux’ era! It falls  exactly 1 year before the French revolution, we know this thanks to a Hallmarks that dates it precisely in 1788.  Check out Christie’s website to see the prices held by Noel Neusecourt’s pieces:-2 salt cellars and a mustard pot went for $2,045 in 2011!

The height given above is that of the complete piece, taken at the height of the two handles.

The Hallmark is Fermiers Generaux -1st title –1788– Paris. We show as well a Charge Mark and a Discharge Mark

The Makers Mark is for ‘Maître Orfèvre’ Noel NEUSECOURT.  His mark was created in 1783 and is topped by a crown, followed by a ‘Fleur De Lys’ dividing two’N’, the bottom showing a flower. Since we pre date the 1798 era the Makers Mark is not yet included in a Lozange form.

H: 3.94"W: 8.7 / 3.78"D: 2.16"Reference number: CC-107