Lovely Antique Silver and Crystal Drageoir By CAA Lenglet

A very lovely Antique French Silver and Crystal ‘Drageoir’ by Charles Antoine Amand Lenglet.
As noted before, these were simply very beautiful sugar bowls! The work on this beauty is gorgeous!
Let us start by the upper part:
The silver lid is dome shaped with a lovely Finial in heavy silver shaped as a Swan resting on a wreath of palmettos.

The handles are quite lovely and very delicate. The upper part show a beautiful cornocuppia, while the end tappers into the head of a swan.
The Pedestal is beautiful and consists of 4 Dolphins sculpted in the typical ‘Ronde-Bosse’ (sculpted in round) Style.
The tails fan out by the start of the pedestal around the gadroon lined part and the rest of the bodies are beautifully worked. The details of the heads by itself are incredible…
They rest on a round plinth circled by laurel leaves, the plinth itself set on a square base
The four feet are lion’s paws while the lower part of the pedestal is carved with a line of laurel leaves.
The bowl insert is white wheel cut crystal, it is original and in impeccable state!
This is just a wonderful work of art!
It can also be put to use as a Beautiful Caviar Serving Bowl…

The Hallmark is ‘Poinçon Au Vieillard’ -1st title (950/1000) -1819-1838- Paris

The Makers Mark is for Maitre Orfèvre Charles Antoine Amand Lenglet who registered his mark on October 25th 1823 and cancelled in on August 8th 1843.
His mark shows an C A L with a standing lion in the middle, topped by a star.
His Workshop was located 32 rue du Bourg-l’Abbé 79 quai de l’Horloge.

France 19th Century c.H: 10.62"W: 7.5"D: 3.5"Reference number: D-187