Lovely Bacchus Themed 18th century Silver Sugar Bowl by Janety

A Lovely Louis XVI French Silver and Cobalt Crystal Sugar Casket by ‘Maitre Orfèvre’ Marc Etienne Janety.

The silver framework, which holds the cobalt blue crystal, is delicately cut away to reveal the darker color enhancing the whole effect and outlining the lovely carvings.
On the four sides side of the casket we have 4 medallions with same floral décor of oak leaves, grapes and pomegranates topped by an acanthus leaf, which surrounds a center medallion. On the front and back side, a beautifully depicted male faun and a nymph surround the medallions, a typical Bacchanalian themed piece!
The details on the leaves and fruits are beautiful and the photos you will see barely make it justice!
The four registers are separated by fruit decorated pillars.
The piece rests on four lions paws.
The lid is decorated with geometric gadroons and topped by a beautifully detailed wild strawberry cluster.
The handles are decorated with acanthus leaves and rosettes.
The cobalt crystal interior is original to the piece and in perfect condition.

The Hallmarks are under the Fermiers Généraux régime:
Photo # 5: You have the Crowned P Poinçons de Jurande or Lettre Date 1788 Mark used under Fermier Général Henri Clavel.

Photo # 6: We have the Circled A as a Charge Mark used starting February 1789 under Fermier Général Jean François Kalendrin.

Photo # 7: You have the Leaf symbol used as a Discharge Mark starting February 1789.
Our piece is hence finished by March 1789.

Photo # 8: You have the Makers Mark for Marc Etienne JANETY showing his initials topped by a crowned Fleur de Lys with a ‘Poids de Marc’ or weight underneath with two dots
Janety was received as a Master Silversmith on August 2nd 1777.
Janety is listed Rue de l’Arbre Sec until Early 1793 where we loose his trace.
He was famous for his work, but even more particularly for introducing items done in Platinum. He would use it to create hollowware but also scientific objects. Platinum being already a very expensive material in his time all these pieces have mostly been lost due to their monetary value.

France 19th Century c.H: 6.06"W: 8.66"D: 2.55"Reference number: CC-263