Rare And Elegant Silver Cinnamon Mill By Lapparra & Gabriel~Sold~

A Rare and Elegant Antique French Silver Cinnamon Mill by the LAPPARRA & GABRIEL.

Extremely rare to come by, this striking Cinnamon Mill presents an elegant baluster shaped body resting on a round pedestal.
The pedestal is lined by a wreath of laurel leaves that is repeated on the middle register of the body as well as the upper register near the opening.

The winder is made of carved ivory shaped in form of a seashell.

The upper opening, which allows the Cinnamon Stick to be let in, is lined as well with ivory.
The interior mechanism is interestingly made of boxwood which is extremely resistant!
It consists of a ball of carved boxwood which grinds the cinnamon into powder at the turn of the ivory knob.

The lower part of the mill twists off to enable the collection of the cinnamon dust!

It is in beautiful condition, just gorgeous! No marks no losses!
It is part of this Incredible Art Form the table and its utensils took in the 19th century!

The Hallmark is ‘Minerve’ 1 -1st title (950/1000) – 1838 -1919– Paris

The Makers Mark is for LAPPARRA & GABRIEL
Antoine LAPPARRA registered his mark on April 19th 1895. He entered into a partnership a couple of years later with GABRIEL and hence changed his mark to reflect the change.
The Mark shows an L and a G separated by a ‘rat’ facing left.
Their workshop was located 157 Rue Du Temple in the Marais Area of Paris.

H: 4.3"W: 2.4"Reference number: SH-137