Rare Suite of Silver Liquor Glasses By Ladoucette & Gavard~Sold~

Rare and Striking Suite of 6 Antique French Silver Glasses by ‘Maîtres Orfèvres’ LADOUCETTE and GAVARD.

The six Silver Liquor Glasses all rest on a tall silver ‘Piédouche’ or pedestal, whose round base is lined with an undulating vine ending in grapes or vine leaves.The same garland lines the upper part of the glasses.

The main body of the liquor glasses is delicately decorated with a geometrical star and lozenge pattern which are alternatively solid or ‘guilloche’.
All glasses show a monogram with the letters AD set in a shield form.

The work is very elegant and the pieces are in excellent condition with no chips or dents.
This shape of Liquor glasses is really rare to come by. They are solid silver, each one quite heavy and hence great to hold, as they are very well balanced and stable!
A lovely find…

The Hallmark is Minerve -1st title (950/1000)- 1838 -1919 -Paris

The Makers Mark is for ‘Maitres Orfevres’ Jules LADOUCETTE and Pierre GAVARD and shows an L and a D separated by a Lamb with by a boat hook.
The mark was registered on April 1st 1869, in Paris, and was cancelled on February 2nd 1886.
Their shop was located 13 rue Phelippeaux in Paris.

H: 3.3"D: 2"Reference number: SH-144