Elegant Pair of 18th Century Style Silver 4 Lights Candelabras By Tétard

An Elegant Pair Of 4 lights French Silver Candelabras in 18th Century Style, by Maitres Orfèvres Tétard Frères.

The pair show straight-ribbed baluster shafts with contoured edge and twisted ribbed footboard.
They each show three light arms with the central shaft transforming into the 4th light.
They will be perfect on a dinner table as they are not too high, allowing guests to see one another across the table!
Not too tall, yet tall enough to convey the perfect ambiance light!

They have been weighed at the bottom for stability with jewelers wax, but one of them had the wax plugs wasremoved and hence we were able to weigh it giving you an approximate total silver weight.

The Hallmark is Minerva 1 – 1st title (950/1000) – for Paris 1838 – 1919

The Makers Mark is for Tétard Frères.
It shows a T followed by a Fres, and topped by a kettle.
Tétard Frères, consisting of three brothers Henri, Jacques and Georges who inherited the business from their Father Edmond TETARD.
They registered their mark in 1903, and had their workshop at 3 rue Beranger in Paris.