We will not hide from you the fact that part of the delight in working in this business is the “Find” itself: when you see the piece and admire its beauty and, right there, know that its patina and curves as well as its balance are just well… perfect.

The next step is, of course, having the pleasure to re unite that timeless piece with someone, who, as in our case, will immediately love it!

Promise us this, should you purchase from us a beautiful piece, do not just put it on a shelf for show…Use it…it will speak of times gone by and breathe again in all its beauty…your friendly dinners or family meals will never look the same and you will truly feel the beauty of the pieces.

We can simply propose items to you, from our constant searches, but, we would really like to take this one step further:
-Please tell us what piece would meet your fancy or what particular item is missing from your collection and we promise you to search high and low in order to find it-however small of large it may be.

In order to do this we have decided to keep the company based on two continents:
-Christophe in New York will be able to see with you what you really fancy or what your client may desire
-Jasmine in France will scour the countryside going to sales and auctions large or small in order to find your ‘special’ piece.

In essence consider us your ‘Personal Antique Silver Art Shoppers’

I remember fondly my first Estate Sale and the official Auctioneer funnily stating that buying the wonderful Louis XVI table was actually cheaper, and so much better, than buying a rather nasty version at IKEA…
We laughed at the time but how true….
So here is our turn on this part:

Invest in the Past…Preserve the future…

Happy browsing!