Lovely Set Of 12 Antique Silver Melon Forks By Ve Ernest Compère

An absolutely Gorgeous Antique French Silver Set of 12 Melon Forks By Veuve Ernest Compère

Extremely Elegant in their Louis XVI Style these Fork, which double up as knives as well, feature both Silver Blades/Tines and solid Silver handles.
The Forks are double edge, with the sharpened lower edge able to cut through the melon.
The balance is perfect, making it extremely easy and efficient to use.

While it was created with Melon in mind, it is a perfect Fruit service set, and can be used with a variety of fruits or even with desserts.
They are a perfect addition to a set and easy to place due to their lovely and elegant design.
The handles are lined with a delicate tulip chute.
The handles all bear an LD monogram.

The Hallmark is Minerve -1st title (950/1000)-1838 -1919 –Paris

The Makers Mark is for Leontine COMPERE – The Widow of Ernest COMPERE.
It shows a VE for ‘Veuve’ separated by the Initials EC by a Running Rabbit.
She took over after her husband’s death in 1880 and registered her mark in 1890.
She kept his premises at 790 rue Quincampoix in Paris.