19th Century French School Oil Water Themed Sopra Porte

A charming 19th Century French School, Oil Water Themed ‘Sopraporte’ on wooden panels.

The ‘Sopraporte’ or ‘Above the Door’ was an architectural and decorative enhancement gracing the area above doors.
It was usually rectangular in shape and very often took an antique style design in 18th century France.

Here we have 3 elements executed to be hanged together.
They represent an Allegory to Water, or water games.
The round frame depicts a gorgeous Kingfisher darting above a pond.
Each of the rectangular elements showcase cherubs, playing with different elements.
The painting on the left hand side of the round frame shows two cherubs playing with a jar around a pond, while across it another cherub hovers nearby.
While the panel of the right two cherubs reclining on a dolphin.
These lovely designs are still framed in their original gilt wood frame.
They came from a house near Arras in Northern France and are each dated 85, which would put their execution to 1885.
The work is charming!

Our pieces have the following Measures:
For the Round element:
The Frame’s diameter is 10.23 inches
The Painting’s diameter is 7.87 inches

The Two rectangular painting have the following measures:
The Frame is 25 inches long and 9.84 inches high
The Paintings are 19 inches long and 7.48 inches high