Rare Antique Silver Salt & Condiment Cellars By JP Bibron~Sold~

This beautiful French Antique Silver Set is by Jean Pierre BIBRON, if you have browsed our site by now you will have seen several pieces from him as his Empire Style Models is one of our favourite. The set consists of 2 Antique Silver Open Salt Caddies &  or Cellars and matching Condiment (or Mustard) Pot.

The sides are inlaid with beautifuly carved ‘Caryatids’ , ending in Lion claw feet’s on all 3 pieces. The top of the 3 pieces have a lovely ‘palmettes’ fringe, though we must admit – we have always thought the palmettes design does more resemble little Royal Bees lined up!! However in order not to create controversy – we will continue to use the ‘ officially designated’ Palmettes name! The Frétel (or Finial) of the mustard cellar is in the form of a pine nut resting on a crown of  laurel leaves, while its handle is in the form of a beautifuly carved head of a Chimera.
The 3 inserts are white crystal and are in good condition. One of them might have been replaced but dates from the same time. The pieces are in good condition with a slight indent on one of the Salt caddie’s feet’s, and little tilt to the silver circle around one of the Salt Caddies.
Measurements given above are for the salt caddies or cellars.
The Condiment or Mustard cellar’s measures are as follows: Height (up to the finial) is 4.35″ – Depth is 1.97″ – Width is 2.56

The Hallmark is 2ieme Coq -1st title – Hence 1809 -1819 – Paris

Jean Pierre BIBRON’s Makers Mark shows ‘A Rampant Lion with a Star over the Lion’. He was received Master in Paris in 1798. His address was listed on the gorgeous ‘Ile de La Cité’ in Paris, 3 Rue de Harlay.